Saturday, May 24, 2008

Artist of the day - Revisiting Emcee C.M.

Last year I had the pleasure of being introduced to the work of one artist, Emcee C.M. Master of None, (i.e., Colin McMullan). The artist really made a mark on me with his "Neighborhood Junk Drawer" at Williamsburg's cutting-edge Conflux Festival. Cutting out a hole in the plywood wall of a boarded-up construction site, McMullan gave a hilarious presentation of our own homes' junk drawer, whereby citizens from all walks of life could "leave" things in the drawer for later use, or trade. In its time period on display, it collected Post-Its, pens, buttons, work IDs, hair combs and much, much more. Totally different and unique from the rest of the pack, I've been enthralled with the artist's work and brilliant ideas ever since.

My personal favorite is McMullan's "Corner Library" project, whereby he invades the news racks on streets across Manhattan with a homemade "box" filled with tradeable books. Taking elements of performance and guerilla art in one, it's also a nice take on how libraries today have become repositories for "events" more than the simple act of lending books.

Right now Emcee C.M. is being featured in a show at the ISE Cultural Foundation at 555 Broadway in Soho until June 27, 2008. I highly encourage everyone to check out his newest forray into creating new works that challenge the viewer to think about cultural norms and accepted notions of what is and isn't art.

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