Friday, May 23, 2008

Artist of the day - Louisa Armbrust

(At left, artist Louisa Armbrust's "Free Range Hockey")

Ahh, the wonders of team sports. It's all about "teamwork"; all for one and one for all. Maybe. It's also about kicking ass majorly-- stuffing your opponent so far down he won't know what hit him-- and being given a carte-blanche opportunity to willfully maim and damage your adversary at any cost, no matter the consequences-- teeth be damned-- For winning is the all-encompassing goal. "There is no crying in baseball," as Tom Hanks stated so succinctly in "A League of Their Own." And just the other day it was revealed just how pleased Parcells was with his star defender going on "Dancing With the Stars" showcasing his "feminine side."

Artist Louisa Armbrust focuses exclusively on team sports and their social implications. Like a scene right out of "South Park," the players at left battle it out to the death. Do I feel like there's thin ice being skated on? That's putting it mildly. The clip-art nature of the trees seem to bear witness to the slaughter before them. They seem to serve as the game's referees, watching intently for a misconduct call.

In stark opposition to the violence of the hockey teams, the badminton players at right seem to be lackadaisical in the quest for the shuttlecocks seemingly floating in midair. Showcasing the Julian Opie-style stick figures in a game of leisure, it's a nice contrast between blue and white collar. Sure, it borders on the begrudgingly cute, and certainly gives a nod to early video game graphics, but the flatness of the players in court just work well together.

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