Saturday, May 3, 2008

Artist of the day -- Camille Eskell

Connecticut-based artist Camille Eskell does a succinct summation on the definition of modern feminism with her disturbing, but fascinating creations. Arched over backwards, what can a woman withstand? Are we bendable, but not breakable? This blogger thinks not.

oil stick on paper
45 x 38

Creepily enough, when you look at the empty-headed female "role models" today's generation grows up with, it is of utmost importance that the head here IS disembodied. I find it very interesting that in the makeup of this image, the female body is to be represented only by flesh, exposed innards and breasts, because increasingly this is not only what females are being represented as, but are increasingly willfully accepting the definition of.

Fantastic piece by a very intriguing artist.

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