Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Artist of the day - Angelou Guingon

Currently taking up residence in the most recent edition of the always fantastically curated New American Paintings is artist Angelou Guingon. Dare I say it, but the man has an affinity for combining cows, airplanes, people and trucks. And given the daily barrage of increasingly bad news on global warming -- (to biodiesel or not to biodiesel?)-- it's no coincidence that our dear bovine friends are commiserating with their fellow waste-producing counterpart, the modern passenger jet. Cows-- not through their own fault, of course-- each emitting 400 quarts of methane gas a day. Not to be outdone, of course, on a New York to Denver flight, one Boeing 737 would produce almost 1,600 pounds of carbon emission per passenger. That's plenty of fuel to grill a quarter-pounder, I surmise.

So how does this topically relate to these pseudo-apocalyptic cartoonishly brushed nightmares? I'm not quite sure. But I do know that Guingon is great at setting scenes of Surrealism never seen before. The cows are the "fuel" to feed ourselves; the ant-like people at right seem to wander aimlessly as the semis kneel prostrate in worship before the god of all that is pasteurized. An interesting concept of human beings suckling off the teets of outre-species udders and foreign oil pumps simultaneously.

Interesting stuff, though not for the lactose-intollerant.

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