Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Artist of the day - Joseph Hughes, San Francisco

I'm an eternal sucker for pigment, what can I say?
Just surfing around, and I landed on this gentleman's work.
Some seriously beautiful, yet simple works.
(*Disclaimer--"Simple" does not necessarily mean "simply made.")
Though for some reason I am now craving a cookie... of the chocolate chip variety... and there needs to be some googly eyes in the center of this work with gaping mouth singing a ridiculous song about C is for Cookie.
Sure, this blogger is blatantly alluding to Cookie Monster, but after examing multiple works of this artist, I'm amazed by his mastery of individual lines and cleavage that almost give a fabric-like texture to the works.

Some pretty nice stuff.


I'm absolutely loving this artist of the day thing, if I do say so myself.

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hrag said...

I love this Artist of the day feature...very fun.