Friday, February 13, 2009

Why I love J-No


(The new "in" of Spring 2009, Ms. Hutton graces Ellsworth Kelly's Matthew Marks showcase)

I have many reasons to love J-No, the incognito super stealth paparazzo of the art world here in NYC. He moves to and fro like a phantom, stamping guestbooks left and right with his little J-No logo. But whenever I can't make a show, his Flickr page is the first I go to to see the best images and beautiful people shots. Sure, on occasion I have to wade through the cleavage and stiletto-clad leg shots to get to the artwork at hand, but that's why I just love the guy. He makes me laugh, and just totally rocks the joint. So J-No, rock on with your bad self. Oly loves ya.


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