Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artist of the day - Richard Eagan


I really cannot say enough about my friend Richard Eagan, and his loveable alter-ego Kay Sera. A longtime Brooklyn artist who's had many a hand in the preservation and responsible redevelopment of our treasured Coney Island, his recent solo show at Park Slope's 440 Gallery made me nostalgic for the boardwalk of yesteryear and a time I unfortunately have never been able to experience firsthand.

Like revisiting Steeplechase Park, Eagan's works are unique sculptural assemblages that incorporate a remodeling, if you will, of what once was. His "rennovations" include obscuring words on signs, such as the above Funhouse. Awash in weather-beaten greys and splashes of carnival colors, their vibrance seems to take in the unique quality of the southernmost tip of Brooklyn itself, reinventing itself for a new century, while still referencing its storied past. I can't say enough about the tragedy that unfolds before us in the loss of so many memories for what's destined to become another parking lot. It represents a time when families of all income levels, ethnicities, and ages could gather together for the simple love of a good time had by all.

Eagan's show runs through Sunday at 440 Gallery on 6th Avenue in Park Slope. I highly recommend getting there to check it out. He and his art are well worth knowing.

Check out my previous post on the old blog to see more examples of his genius.


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