Monday, January 19, 2009

Artist Dean Goelz-- able to take out jet engines in a single bound

Last week saw US Airways' Flight 1549 passengers and crew join the Coney Island Polar Bears as the bravest of souls to dip into the purity that is the icy waters off NYC. This blogger heard enough sirens to last a lifetime just down the block while at work in Chelsea. Alas, since the crash, there's been a rising call to "Kill the geese" in area trashrags such as the New York Post. Well, I say, do not "Kill the geese," but love them! Love them, cuddle them, and call them "George." In fact, buy one, or two-- in fact, buy three geese! Here is my call to adopt a goose. Artist Dean Goelz's "geese" would be a great place to start. They will not leave any droppings or feathers to clean up, and they'll be great conversation starters to boot. "Think that thing can take out an Airbus 320 engine?" "You bet it can!" Imagine from the goose's perspective what their day was like last week-- just minding their own business, then Holy hell, what is that coming at us?? And since these life-size Canadian geese/human hybrids give you 0% chance of catching Avian Bird Flu, it seems to me a no-brainer acquisition. Check out Like the Spice Gallery for more loosey goosey action!

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Mike Licht said...

US Airways Captain Sullenberger charged with goose poaching!