Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sure enough, the squirrels are almost sold out

Only a few are left, and they are priced to sell at only $500! The artist is the brilliant Macha Suzuki.

Click here for his website.

Some very interesting work.

Suzuki comes courtesy of Sam Lee Gallery of Los Angeles, CA.

One more day left of Affordable Art Fair.

It's seriously worth going this year.


Caroline said...

I think Suzuki is a male... also, how funny that you picked these two artists to spotlight from the AAF—they were my favorites, too!

Oly said...

Thank you for the correction here--just fixed that.
I spoke with the owner the other day and did the same thing "she."
It is indeed a male.

Glad you enjoyed their furry lil' selves! Too much fun for one artist, for sure.