Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Affordable Art Fair worth checking out for wood and squirrels

Truth be told, in past years this has usually been a hit or miss fair, but certainly one where serious bargains can be found. This year, though-- there's some great surprises to be had. Soon to come on the Musings, the name of the artist and photos of the best work of the show--HECK, the YEAR-- the pen and ink drawings of the deviant Mexican wrestling mask squirrel. He's a cutie, and ready for a dirty fight. Watch out for wicked claw marks!!

But in the interim, please check out Brooklyn's always fantastic Like the Spice Gallery. Not only is Marisa Sage, the owner, one of the most genuinely cool people in the art world, but she displays some seriously kick-ass artists. Anna Druczc is another of my faves of hers, but to me this event is all about optical illusionist Rachel Beach. If the undulating ribbons of color don't get you, the flower power cutouts will. Sure to be a main draw. Check it out. Tonight from 6-9 is the preview party, then the fair runs till Sunday.

Go to for more details.


sxcvb said...

You continue to be an egregious light weight.

Oly said...

What's lightweight about the artists I'm mentioning? Do tell. I'm interested to hear what you think is heavy. Art is about enjoyment, not always changing the world.

Anonymous said...

sxcvb proves someone is reading you, you light as air weight, yay Team! and--what better oxymoron than a light weight? Weight means heavy, so a light heavy that is you?


Anonymous said...

I am glad you are writing and putting up pictures of this kind of thing instead of doing whatever your critic thinks is so much better.