Thursday, April 3, 2008

More Armory photos-- More desserts this time than eye candy

Mark Dion
in collaboration with Dana Sherwood.

This looked much more edible than anything I saw at the snack bar.

Yummy indeed-- except for the bugs, but of course.

Ricci Albenda at Andrew Krepps, New York
The incredible, edible egg.

Erwin Wurm
Galerie Krinzinger Vienna
Looks like Erwin Wurm is forecasting trouble ahead for the new Sea Fair.
No, but seriously. I also can't help but see a "face" on the front. It really looks like Megatron to me for some strange reason, or the Autobots' logo.

Thukral and Tagra
Somnium Genero - incitatius
Small appliances are given a new subspecies.

I would have titled this, "Pop Tarts IV: or, how I learned to love my toaster."

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