Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jonas Mekas-- a can't miss at Maya Stendhal Gallery

Good thing for afternoon break time. I was yearning for some fresh air today, so out I went into the sun and breeze on 20th Street. The fumes of Crozier trucks nothwithstanding, not only did I get that, but I also got a revitalized feel for the eternally fresh Jonas Mekas. Not a day over 25, Mekas continues to dazzle me with his work on camera.

This was simply one of the most touching videos I've ever witnessed. Here, Mekas discusses the ruckus he caused when planting illegal trees in front of 80 Wooster Street. After all, cops have nothing better to do than to harass well-intentioned arborists.

You can download more examples of Mekas' narrative-infused "365 series" works directly from the artist's website here

So if you find yourself in the Chelsea area, "From Fluxus to Media Art" is simply a can't-miss show for Mekas' involvement alone.

Maya Stendhal Gallery is located at 545 West 20th Street on the 2nd floor, New York, NY.

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