Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dana Schutz foretold human history


(Editorial note-- Above is the correct image of Dana Schutz's "The Autopsy of Michael Jackson." Below is the work entitled "Presentation."


 "The Autopsy of Michael Jackson." As much as I have been a Schutz detractor over the years, this piece is spot-on accurate. Anyone care to guess how much it's went up in value in the past 48 hours? My own guestimate would be at least into the $2 million range.



Anonymous said...

that's the wrong painting. this one is called presentation. cfa berlin has the mj one.

Oly said...

Whoops. Guess that'll happen when you do an internet search for Schutz plus Jackson. Either way, it's a very powerful image.

Anonymous said...

Either way, it's still crappy art.