Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shit here, shit there, everywhere a shit show....


Ahh, the biggest week of the year. The art world reopens the Fall 2008 season, and there is a secret password that only a select few shall know. I'm working my own gallery shows Thursday night (they do rock, if I say so myself) and of course I'm therefore unable to attend the other big openings across Chelsea, but can I say this-- MERDE, mierda, poop, turds are IN. Yes, for Fall 2008, SHIT is the new Black. SHIT is where it's at. Wim Delvoye, you only wish you had named Cloaca the real word it was meant to be. Here at the Musings we are unafraid to say the word. We stand tall and proud. So take that people who say CRAP, SHIZ, DOODY, DUMPS or LINKIN LOGS! SHIT is here to stay. Again, as always, thank you, Ms. Phoebe Washburn for your continually inspired and original work and hilarious show title. No, seriously. I truly love it, and can't wait to see her show, especially after just witnissing the Sarah Palin speech tonight, because art lovers, we are in some SERIOUS SHIT right now. Phoebe Washburn's "Tickle the Shitstem" opens tomorrow, September 4th at Zach Feuer Gallery.

For a more direct example of the word "shit" appreciation society, Yvon Lambert has Andres Serrano's "SHIT" exhibition. The photographs include many different varieties, origins and textures in extreme macro closeup, from different "property owners." I promise you, you will never be able to look at dirt the same way again, because then you'll realize where dirt comes from.


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